A study looks at the efficacy of MYLO: a monthly disposable silicone hydrogel contact lens designed with BHVI‘s patented EDOF technology to slow the progression of myopia.

Sergio Diaz, OD, MSc, presented the results of his two-year study on the efficacy of MYLO soft contact lenses with EDOF technology for myopia management at the BCLA Clinical Conference. The session took place on Saturday 10th June at 2pm.

The study, conducted over a two-year period, involved 90 myopic children between the ages of 6 and 13. The participants were assigned to two groups: one wearing MYLO soft contact lenses and the other wearing single-vision distance spectacles. The aim was to evaluate the progression rate of myopia by measuring changes in axial length and cycloplegic refraction.

This prospective longitudinal study aims to assess the efficacy in managing the growth of myopia in children of MYLO after two years of use. To measure the objective, the researchers analysed: visual acuities (VA), subjective refraction, axial length and cycloplegic autorefraction at first visit and after 24 months. There was an experimental group of children wearing MYLO and a control group wearing spectacles.

Efficacy analysis

The study’s efficacy analysis focused on both spherical equivalent and axial length, an indicator of eye growth. After two years of use:

  • There was a statistically significant difference in the evolution of myopia between the experimental group and the control group (-0.62 versus -1.09D respectively, p<0.001). This means an efficacy of 45% on average.
Spherical Equivalent Shift from baseline to 2-years
  • When comparing axial length, there was less axial elongation in the contact lens group compared to the control (0.37 vs. 0.66mm respectively, p<0.001). This indicates an efficacy of 44% on average.
Axial Length Shift from baseline to 2-years

Subjective vision

The participants in the MYLO lens group reported high levels of satisfaction with visual clarity, vision stability, and overall comfort after a month of wearing the lenses. These subjective measurements indicated that the MYLO lenses are a promising option for myopia control in children.

The study contributes to the growing body of research on myopia control strategies and underscores the importance of early intervention in managing myopia in children. Slowing the progression of myopia can have significant health, financial, and social benefits for individuals and society.

MYLO: A winning strategy for myopia management

MYLO is a soft contact lens for myopia management:

Fit MYLO, an on-label silicone hydrogel soft contact lens for myopia management, now available in a complete range of spheres, cylinders and axes.

EDOF technology has previously been studied in terms of visual performance and efficacy in slowing myopic progression. Also, some data on short-term visual effects of MYLO have been published.

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June 2023

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