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Soft Contact Lenses with UV Filter. Everything you need to know

In mark´ennovy we understand the importance of giving your patient the highest standard of UV protection, specially during the summertime. Therefore, we have created a guide to remember what UV radiation is, its types and what filters can be found in contact lenses. “Everyone is exposed to UV radiation from the sun and an increasing number […]

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July 2021

A new presbyopia lens from mark’ennovy, powered by the brien holden vision institute

Why is presbyopia such a big deal? Currently, in Europe alone, there are around 340 million people over the age of 45 in need of some degree of correction for near vision1. Studies estimate that 1.8 billion people worldwide will be presbyopic by 20501. However, considering contact lens wear, presbyopia tends to increase patient dropout. […]

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March 2019

World Keratoconus Day 2018

Every year, World Keratoconus Day is celebrated on the 10th of November to create more awareness for this disorder. As a champion of the uniqueness of every eye and a provider of precision soft contact lenses to improve one’s eyesight and quality of life, mark’ennovy supports the effort to generate a greater consciousness for this […]

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November 2018

World Retinitis Pigmentosa Day 2018

Every year, World Retinitis Pigmentosa Day is celebrated on the last Sunday of September to create awareness for this disorder, the consciousness level for which is extremely low in society today.   Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) is a group of rare genetic disorders affecting the cells in the retina (photoreceptors) causing their breakdown and subsequent loss. […]

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September 2018


mark'ennovy is a custom monthly soft contact lens manufacturer. We believe that you should be able to fit the right lens to every prescription, that’s why we start with the eye’s own unique measurements, and then individually craft a lens to match. Our unrivalled combination of contact lens parameters, geometries, materials, and expert technical advice, is backed by world class manufacturing technology and an exclusive focus on the Eye Care Professional.