crafted culture

At mark’ennovy, we do not believe contact lens fitting and patient outcomes should be defined by what major manufacturers tell Eye Care Professionals “they can and cannot have” based on logistics and production efficiency limitations. “We believe they should be able to choose the right lens at every consultation”

  • 1997 – 2017
    a mark’ennovy story

  • 1997 - 2006 / Local Spirit, International Focus

    Building a close professional relationship with our customers is one of our founding principles, which has challenged us to constantly push our standards of service to a higher level. Our corporate culture is defined by continuous innovation and advancement, which led mark'ennovy to quickly establish its reputation as a precision contact lens brand for astigmatism and presbyopia. Since our beginnings, we have kept our sights on international growth opportunities, which would propel us to direct presence in ten European markets with a distribution network reaching more than thirty-five countries globally. .

  • 1997

    mark'ennovy was founded in Madrid (Spain) specialising in individually crafted, conventional contact lenses.

  • 1998

    Expands operations to France, the UK and Ireland.

  • 2007 - 2010 / / Innovation in Soft Lens Materials

    We strive to understand our customers' needs and deliver a complete package of contact lenses, fitting support and service to help them achieve a more personalised level of care for their patients. The acquisition of Vista Optics, the epicentre of our materials innovation, continues to complement our ever-growing portfolio of individually crafted contact lenses.

  • 2005

    Introduction of Equilibria 3-monthly

  • 2009

    Introduction of Saphir 3-Monthly, our first silicone hydrogel lens.

  • 2010

    Acquires Vista Optics.

  • 2011 - 2015 / Propelled by R&D

    Investment in R&D has been central to our growth strategy from the very beginning, but never so much as with the launch of Saphir Rx, our monthly silicone hydrogel contact lens. The success of Saphir Rx allowed us to invest more heavily in new contact lens materials, designs, and manufacturing technologies. It paved the way for the launch of Gentle 80 and Gentle 59, our range of bio-inspired hydrogel lenses, which culminated in Gentle 80 winning 2015's Optician Award for the Contact Lens Product of the Year.

  • 2011

    Introduction of Saphir Rx, the world's first individually crafted monthly silicone hydrogel lens.

    Saphir RX
  • 2012

    Expands operations to Italy, Germany and Switzerland. Distribution begins in Latin America.

  • 2013

    Expands operations to the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

  • 2014

    Introduction of Gentle 80 & Gentle 59, our bio-inspired range of monthly contact lenses.

    Gentle 59 Gentle 80
  • 2015

    Gentle 80 wins Optician Award for the Contact Lens Product of the Year.

  • 2016 - Present / Bringing life to vision

    Since 2016, we have been closely aligning our market position with our ideology of a precision-based approached to fitting contact lenses. We have been reinforcing mark'ennovy as the contact lens brand with a diverse range of materials, parameters and designs, so that our customers can best meet their patients' needs. At the same time, we have continued to strengthen our tradition of innovative materials with the launch of Blu:gen, the first ever contact lens with a Class 1 UV Filter and Blue Light Blocking.

    Our expert team has also been collaborating closely with leading contact lens practitioners and opinion leaders to build awareness for making individually crafted lenses as a true asset to our customers’ clinical toolkit and practice. We put at your service a team of talented professionals from all over the world. From marketing, sales and professional affairs to R&D, engineering and logistics, we are united by our dedication to supporting eye care professionals in enhancing their patients' vision and quality of life.

  • 2016

    Introduction of Individually Yours, our suite of marketing materials to help make your patients’ experience unique.

    Individually yours
  • 2017

    Introduction of Blu:gen, Blu:kidz and Blu:ssentials, our range of monthly silicone hydrogel lenses with a Class 1 UV filter and Blue Light Blocking.

    Blu:gen Blu:kidz Blu:ssentials
  • 2018

    Announces Worldwide Licensing agreement with the Brien Holden Vision Institute for innovative, myopia management and presbyopia soft lens technologies.

  • 2019

    Introduction of MYLO for myopia management and EDOF for presbyopia, powered by the technology of the Brien Holden Vision Institute.

  • 2020

    Introduction of new, eco-friendly packaging.

  • 2021

    Introduction of Xtensa SiHy, our moulded silicone hydrogel lens.

    Xtensa SiHy
  • Looking forward

    Looking to the future, we will continue to explore new horizons in ensuring patients around the world receive the best soft contact lens fit possible. We will continue to invest in materials innovation, technology and fitting expertise, while pushing the limits of the conventional, one-size-fits-all approach to contact lens fitting. We will be proactive in ensuring that you have the right contact lens toolkit for your practice and will become ever more dedicated to supporting you in developing the most meaningful interaction with your patients. We look forward to being your partner in maximising patient loyalty and practice profitability.