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As part of our philosophy to continuously improve the technology and design behind our contact lenses, we are pleased to announce the introduction of a new edge design, resulting in better comfort for our complete range of Blu:gen and Saphir Rx monthly contact lenses.



While precision in parameter selection is fundamental to a successful contact lens fit, comfort is the key factor that determines whether a patient will wear contact lenses. Recent studies suggest that edge design should be considered among the parameters contributing to comfortable lens wear1.


blink scheme


mark’ennovy’s new lens design consists of a more blink-friendly ski shape and a 43% reduction in thickness, both of which promote fluid interaction with the eyelid, providing better comfort. The R&D team at mark’ennovy concur on the improved blink interaction, “A streamlined edge coupled with optimum fit ensures that the interaction of the eye-lid with the lens is minimised, leading to immediate comfort.”


We are confident that the new edge, whose characteristics rival those of any contact lens on the market, will bring greater satisfaction to new and current Saphir Rx and Blu:gen patients. Wearing studies show that 9 out of 10 patients prefer the new design to the previous one2.


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1 Ruiz-Alcocer, J. ¿Importa el diseño de borde en las adaptaciones de lentes de contacto hidrofílicas? Gaceta, June 2015

2 GREP-043. Comparison New Edge Design Vs Standard Edge with Saphir & Blu:gen. January 2018. Data on file.


February 2018

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