In-practice support

Patient communication tools

We understand the importance of your role in recommending the contact lens that best meets your patients’ needs. We also understand that it can sometimes be a challenge to explain why an individually crafted contact lens is the best option in easy-to-understand patient language. Our suite of patient communication tools has been developed to generate the most meaningful conversations between you and your patients when it comes to the uniqueness of the eye and the benefits of an individually crafted contact lens.

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Expert customer care

Friendly and efficient, our optometrist-led Customer Care team is keen to support you in getting the best soft contact lens fit possible for your patients. Their technical expertise matches the level of fitting advice you require. Whether it’s an in-depth case assessment, or a quick query on an otherwise straightforward fit, they will see to it that you order the lens that most precisely adapts to your patients’ needs.

Importance of fit first – readings and data

In fitting an individually crafted soft contact lens special attention needs to be paid to the biometric data gathered during the first consultation in order to maximise chair time efficiencies and patient satisfaction. Two of the most important measurements for a suitable lens fit are the cornea’s horizontal visible iris diameter (HVID) and k-readings, which help to understand the cornea’s sagittal depth.

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Building loyalty

The highest level of eye care combined with a differentiated product offering is paramount to building a loyal patient base. Our individually crafted contact lenses monthly lenses not only have the materials, geometries and parameters to precisely fit any eye, but they are also packaged with care in line with our Individually Yours standards.

Individually Yours is a set of features that help you add a personalised touch to your patients’ contact lens wearing experience.

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Fitting education

We believe that a more precise approach to fitting soft contact lenses will lead to greater patient satisfaction, which in turn gives rise to a number of clinical and commercials benefits for your practice. Our Professional Affairs agents, in conjunction with European key opinion leaders in contact lenses, are highly active in advocating our precision-based approach at a number of different events throughout the year, online and in-person. We also offer individual in-practice training sessions on a number of soft lens topics. Contact us to learn more about our future events and in-practice training sessions!

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