IndiGO, a Daily Lens Like No Other 

mark’ennovy presents IndiGO, the first daily soft contact lens combining a Class 1 UV filter and selective blue-violet light blocking. Protecting the eye from UVB, UVA and blue-violet light, originating from the sun, ambient LED lighting and digital devices, IndiGO protects you both indoors and outdoors. 

What is potentially harmful UV and blue light? 

To understand the light spectrumacademics have come up with a classification that divides it into invisible and visible light, both characterised by wavelength and energy linked by an inverse relationship. 


Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is an invisible high-energy light with wavelengths between 100 and 380 nm. It is located just beyond the visible light spectrum and divided into three types: the first two (UVA and UVB) are commonly referred to as UV light, of which UVA is of most concern for our eyes. UVC hardly ever reaches the ground thanks to the ozone layer. Too much exposure to UV can cause sunburned eyes —a condition called photokeratitis or snow blindness and engender the formation of cataracts and abnormal ocular growths. But ultraviolet radiation, in moderation, also has beneficial effects, such as helping the body manufacture adequate amounts of vitamin D. 

Right next to the UVA radiation is that of the shortest wavelengths (and highest energy) sometimes called blue-violet or violet light (from 380 to 465 nm)Virtually all visible blue-violet light passes through the cornea and lens and reaches the retina, which is concerning because laboratory studies have shown that too much exposure to blue light can damage light-sensitive cells in the retina. More research is still needed to determine how much natural and man-made blue light is “too much blue light” for the retina. Furthermore, this blue-violet light scatters more easily than other visible light, reducing contrast sensitivity, increasing glare and therefore complicating focus, which can contribute to digital eye strain. 



Located next to blue-violet light, there is a small part of the spectrum (465495 nm) called blue-turquoise lightAs happens with UV light, the amount is key  some blue light exposure is essential for good healthblue-turquoise light boosts alertness; helps memory and cognitive function; elevates mood; and is very important in regulating circadian rhythm. But too much blue light late at night can disrupt this cycle, potentially causing sleepless nights and daytime fatigue. 

More about IndiGO 

Manufactured with our patented micro-precision technology, IndiGO not only provides myopic and hyperopic patients with protection from UV and blue-violet light, but also stable vision and excellent all-day comfort. 


DIAMETER (MM)  14.40 
BASE CURVE (MM)  8.70 
SPHERES (D)  -10.00 to +8.00 (0.50 after ±6.00) 




Along with our daily soft contact lens IndiGOmark’ennovy’s range of monthly soft contact lenses, Blu:gen, Blu:kidz, Blu:ssentials and Jade, offer both selective blue-violet light blocking and Class 1 UV filter, which block at least 14% of ultra-violet blue light, 93% of UVA, and 99% of UVB light. Additionally, its exceptional combination of parameters and geometries allows you to cater to almost any eye shape and size, ensuring the most adequate contact lens fit for every patient. 


About mark’ennovy 

mark’ennovy is dedicated to innovation and a forward-thinking approach towards the evolution of the contact lens industry. mark’ennovy’s product portfolio is one of the most extensive available on the market in the world with an unrivalled combination of materials, parameters, and geometries, catered exclusively to eye care professionals. 




May 2020

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mark'ennovy is a custom monthly soft contact lens manufacturer. We believe that you should be able to fit the right lens to every prescription, that’s why we start with the eye’s own unique measurements, and then individually craft a lens to match. Our unrivalled combination of contact lens parameters, geometries, materials, and expert technical advice, is backed by world class manufacturing technology and an exclusive focus on the Eye Care Professional.