Whistleblower procedure

Employees and third parties can report actual or suspected abuses and irregularities that take place at Euclid Vision Group (EVG) via our whistleblowing procedure. Mark’ennovy is a subsidiary of EVG.

What the whistleblower channel is intended for

EVGs whistleblowing procedure is intended solely for reporting actual or suspected abuses, wrongdoings and irregularities. The definition of actual or suspected abuses and irregularities is provided in our whistleblowing policy.

Policy on Whistleblowing

What the procedure is not intended for

The whistleblowing policy is not intended to cover:

  • Complaints relating to EVG.
  • Wrongdoings or complaints about clients of EVG;
  • Handling or reporting employees’ personal grievances.

There are several ways to report wrongdoings or irregularities related to EVG:

  • By using the “Create a new report” button by the Whistleblower Software;
  • By sending a letter to: Whistleblower team ( Avda. Ada Lovelace, 12 – 28906 Getafe, Madrid, Spain);
  • By phone or face-to-face meeting with one of the Whistleblowing team members.

Create a new report