Importance of fit first – readings and data

In fitting an individually crafted soft contact lens special attention needs to be paid to the biometric data gathered during the first consultation in order to maximise chair time efficiencies and patient satisfaction. Two of the most important measurements for a suitable lens fit are the cornea’s horizontal visible iris diameter (HVID) and k-readings, which help to understand the cornea’s sagittal depth.

Remember the first thing to really focus in on is lens fit. Only once the lens is fitting perfectly should you turn your attention to visual acuity.

Once an adequate fit is achieved, an up-to-date spectacle prescription is needed to precisely choose the power, cylinder and axis. And if fitting a multifocal lens, the dominant eye is important for selecting the correct design, CD and CN, for the best visual outcome. For step-by-step guidance on fitting our contact lenses, download our fitting guide, or contact an expert customer care team member!


Download our fitting guide