IndiGO is the first daily soft contact lens combining a Class 1 UV filter and selective blue light blocking, which protect the eye from UVB, UVA and blue-violet light, originating from the sun, ambient LED lighting and digital devices. Manufactured with our patented micro-precision technology, IndiGO not only provides myopic and hyperopic patients with protection from UV and blue-violet light, but also stable vision and excellent all-day comfort.

Key Features

  • Hydrogel

  • Daily Soft Contact Lens

  • Selective Blue Light Filtering

  • Class 1 UV Filter

Recommended for...

  • Regular exposure to the sun, LED lighting and screens for work and leisure activities.

  • Prescriptions for standard myopia and hyperopia




TypeHydrogel (52% H₂O)
ISO classificationFilcon IV (18) [52%]
Blue Light FilterYes - blocks at least 14% of harmful blue-violet light
Class 1 UV filterYes - blocks at least 93% of UVA and 99% of UVB light
Handling tintYes


Base Curves (mm)8.70
Øs (mm)14.40
Spheres (D)-10.00 to +8.00 (0.50 after ±6.00)

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