A study looks at the short-term vision effects of MYLO: a monthly disposable silicone hydrogel contact lens designed with BHVI‘s patented EDOF technology to slow the progression of myopia. 

The EDOF technology of MYLO has previously been studied in terms of visual performance and efficacy in slowing myopic progression. 

This pseudo-experimental clinical study was conducted prospectively and longitudinally. The aim was to describe the optical and visual effects that occur in the short term with MYLO in 15 patients. For this reason, the researcher analysed: visual acuities (VA) with the contact lens; accommodative, binocular, keratometric and biometric parameters; high-order aberrations; subjective visual quality, and pupillary dynamics

As for the conclusions, it should be said: 

  • Firstly, VA was progressively improving with contact lens use, both mono and binocularly, at far and near distances.
  • Secondly, they used QoV questionnaire to assess subjective visual quality. It showed few visual symptoms (glare, halos, blurry vision or vision fluctuations).
  • Finally, accommodative LAG was significantly reduced with contact lens use, which was probably the cause of the reduction of the anterior chamber depth.

Short-Term Effect of Wearing of Extended Depth-of-Focus Contact Lenses in Myopic Children: A Pilot Study 



Abstract: This pseudo-experimental, prospective, and longitudinal pilot study was conducted to characterize the optical and visual changes occurring in the short-term wear of a hydrophilic contact lens (CL) based on extended focus technology (EDOF). A total of 30 eyes of 15 children (age, 6–16 years) were fitted with the EDOF CL Mylo (Mark’ennovy Care SL), performing an exhaustive follow-up for one month evaluating changes in visual acuity (VA), accommodation, binocularity, ocular aberrometry, visual quality, pupillometry, keratometry and biometry. Far and near VA with the CL improved progressively (p < 0.001), obtaining mean final binocular values of −0.08 ± 0.01 and −0.07 ± 0.01 LogMAR, respectively. There was a mean reduction in the accommodative LAG of 0.30 D (p < 0.001), without associated alterations in the magnitude of the phoria and fusional vergences (p ≥ 0.066). A controlled but statistically significant increase (p ≤ 0.005) of ocular high order aberration (HOA) root mean square (RMS), primary coma RMS, primary spherical aberration Zernike term and secondary astigmatism RMS was found with the CL wear. In conclusion, the EDOF CL evaluated provides adequate visual acuity and quality, with associated increased of several HOAs and a trend to reduction in the accommodative LAG that should be confirmed in future studies. 

You can download the clinical study here.

At mark’ennovy, we are committed to science and innovation in every way, always with a mindset of continuous improvement. Therefore, we support various organizations and universities with their studies related to contact lenses. 

The mark’ennovy team would also like to thank Gema for her work and wish her good luck on her career. 


January 2022

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